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CRL are specialists in flexible structural defects insurance

Who is CRL?

Being venturous means thinking on your feet and being prepared to tread where others won’t

What does CRL do?

We ensure your investment is protected

We work with all types of construction and home-building professionals to protect their property investments. We have built our reputation on getting any type of construction project over the line. So when we say we are specialists in construction insurance for any type of residential property, we mean it – we’ll find a way around any obstacle that might otherwise stand in the way.

Expert guidance is never far away either. An experienced surveyor is on hand to visit a development during each key construction stage, wherever it is in the UK.

And construction warranty comes with other needs. So we provide select products from some of the best UK home insurance providers – meaning you can get everything you need from just one credible provider.

Why choose CRL?

We don't just say we're experts, we prove it

  • Competitive premiums

  • Flexible underwriting (we don’t shy away from unusual projects)

  • Dedicated onsite support wherever you are in the UK

  • Credibility – being on the CRL register brings peace of mind to developers, buyers and lenders

  • An insurance policy facilitated by CRL is a valuable feature during sales negotiations

  • Access to free technical support and industry insight

  • Comprehensive cover – rebuild or rectify latent structural defects

Recognised construction insurance specialists

CRL is one of the most respected construction insurance names in the industry. In fact, over 95% of major lenders recognise our structural defects insurance cover, so a CRL policy is a big tick on your reputation and peace of mind for any future buyer.