Business Analyst – London


The individual must possess a high level of technical expertise and clear insights into current business practices. Depending on the final scoping decided for this role, some of the work may be internal and some may be external.

The individual analyst will:

  • Examine existing IT systems and business models;
  • analyse systems requirements;
  • undertake product development; and
  • implement, configure and test feasible solutions.

The role is to liaise between and report to internal and external parties and stakeholders, including colleagues and developers, throughout the development process. The key thing will be to ensure that the analyst piece works very closely with IT development.

It is expected that the individual would conduct a cost analysis and agree a timeframe to implement the proposed solutions. They need to be able to specify and shape the system requirements and operations, the user interface and output and present the proposal to the client.

The individual will work closely with all teams, including commercial managers and software developers, and during both, report and implement each phase as agreed.

The role of a business analyst will be a somewhat fluid job description, rather than specific job titles, as from time to time this will be very manually orientated around user experience and very often will be made to systemise those user experiences through Salesforce or other platforms which may be plugged in.

Fourth generation languages (4GL) and object-orientated programming simplify technological language, so traditional boundaries between systems or business analysis and programming have eroded. Overlap with project management is also common and therefore there is a convergence in the market between the extend of height that is required for individuals as a business analyst on the technical side.


As an analyst in this role, it is expected that the individual will work on an organisation’s particular IT systems build as much as possible to ensure that these meet the demands of daily activity and where there is mass variance in the user experience from the IT system, the analyst’s job will be to map that and make recommendations for improvement.

Work activities also depend on the size and scope of the task, which will typically involve: – liaising extensively with external or internal clients;

The Role:

  • analysing extensively with internal and external parties, analysing companies’ existing systems and business models;
  • mapping and documenting interfaces between legacy and new systems;
  • understanding software development lifecycle;
  • translating requirements into highly specified project briefs;
  • identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability;
  • conducting requirements analysis and preparing specific proposals for modifying the existing systems;
  • developing solutions and related products;
  • producing project feasibility and costing reports;
  • presenting proposals to management;
  • working closely with colleagues, developers, testers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction;
  • ensuring that budgets are adhered to and deadlines are met;
  • drawing up, supervising and documenting testing schedules for complete systems;
  • overseeing implementation of a new system including data migration;
  • planning and working flexibly to deadlines;
  • supporting users on change control and system updates;
  • providing training and user manuals to users of a new system;
  • keeping up to date with technical and industry developments.


  • A bachelor degree level, preferably in a Computer Science or Engineering related discipline
  • broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming;
  • the ability to learn quickly;
  • the ability to contribute to a team effort;
  • a logical approach to problem solving;
  • good interpersonal and client-handling skills with the ability to manage expectations and explain technical detail;
  • business awareness;
  • a methodical, investigative and inquisitive mind;
  • presentation skills;
  • excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • planning and negotiating skills;
  • initiative and self-confidence;
  • an interest in the way organisational processes work;
  • a knowledge of building features to customise experiences on Salesforce;
  • creating responsive user interfaces using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3;
  • development of native and hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android;
  • experience in the application of industry recognised tools and techniques and/or structured approaches such as Lean or Six Sigma;
  • experience of Project Management / Programme Management Methodologies;
  • a working knowledge of programming as well as analytical skills.

If you are interested in this role, please send your cv with contact details to hr@c-r-l.com.