Alpha Insurance A/S has been bankrupted on 8 May 2018.

By decree issued by the Copenhagen Probate Court on May 8, 2018, Alpha Insurance A/S was filed under bankruptcy proceedings. In that connection, the Court of Appeal appointed Attorney Boris Frederiksen from the Attorney General / Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith as curator.

CRL are unfortunately not in a position to make representations on Alpha’s behalf given the current situation, and all queries should be raised with the following:

Attorney General / Law Firm Poul Schmith
Vester Farimagsgade 23
1606 Copenhagen V

The most up to date information can be found via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme website: –

CRL are extremely disappointed with this surprising news, and were hopeful that a resolution could be found to Alpha’s recent situation in order to ensure policyholders and customers were protected going forward.

CRL are currently working with a number of insurers to try and facilitate replacement cover for all policies impacted by this situation.

Any queries about the provision of replacement insurance should be directed to, and any queries related directly to Alpha should be made via the contact details for their representatives listed above.


Steve Mansour


21 June 2018