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Learn how to avoid
expensive mistakes in your

Design &


Avoid expensive mistakes

Building or converting a basement could be an excellent and fast solution to obtain extra room below a home! However, rooms built underground entail additional problems, most of them regarding dampness and water penetration. Claims of this nature can impact on all parts involved in a basement project such as the house builder, the contractor or the developer.

If you’re planning to build or convert a cellar, our guide will assist you to AVOID EXPENSIVE MISTAKES in your basement design and construction.

  • Learn how to avoid hydrostatic pressure and why this is crucial to protect your property

  • Understand how the Site Investigation Survey is carried out

  • Find out about the Structural Considerations and types of tanking

Waterproofing design can deeply impact the structure of the whole construction. Specialists usually recommend to get a waterproofing system designed, installed and guaranteed by a single company that is backed by insurance. You can now learn how to meet insurers requirements with our FREE guide.

CRL are experts in
structural insurance

What's included in the guide?

This ebook will give you all the information you need to carry out a correct design and construction of a new or converted cellar.

Contents of the guide include:

  • Why is the waterproofing design so important?

  • What’s taken into consideration during the Site Investigation Survey?

  • What are the Building Structural Considerations?

  • Which are the most commonly used types of tanking?

  • How do I protect myself or my company from any possible future claims?

  • What’s the legal framework to convert or construct a basement?


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