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What is a 3D cementitious sandwich panel and what are its uses?

Re-Structure Group, a material manufacturer, has started using an innovative 3D cementitious sandwich panel to assist in protecting U.S. homes during natural disasters.

The material has been used extensively across the globe but is presently being tested in the U.S. The panels, which were designed to be mass-produced, are hurricane-resistant, fireproof, and capable of resisting the intensity of an earthquake recorded up to this point. The material is being presented as a resilient and sustainable building system that intends to transform the housing market in the U.S.

The manufacturer, RSG 3-D, produces the 3D cementitious sandwich panel with fire-retardant foam pressed between a pair of wire mesh surfaces. Reinforcement wires run through the two sides and each panel is encased in concrete.

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RSG 3-D CEO Ken Calligar said that some experts will proclaim that 77% of homes in the U.S. are at major risk of being destroyed in a natural disaster. On the East Coast, hurricanes are a threat. Tornadoes are a risk in the Midwest. The West and the Rockies are prone to seismic events and wildfires. He promised that the 3D cementitious sandwich panel could resist all of them.

2017 was the most expensive year on record for climate-related disasters, with over $300 billion in damages, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. While the material is not a new one outside the U.S., manufacturing it on a large scale has been a longstanding challenge.

Now, an Austrian company called EVG was able to manufacture the machines needed to put the panels together, lowering production costs. RSG 3-D is bringing the material to the U.S. in order to prove its mass production potential in the context of lumber costs, skilled labour costs, and building code requirements.

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