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6 Things Every Future Home Will Have

Have you ever wondered what houses will look like in the future? If you discount far-fetched concepts, such as homes that defy gravity, we just might see additions like those outlined below.

  1. Eco-Homes

Sustainability will reach an entirely new level as solar-panel roofing becomes mandatory on all new homes. Designed to compensate for dwindling energy resources, the panels will regulate internal temperatures and heat rainwater that’s collected by the channels built between the solar panels. The future home will even have walls that will serve to conserve energy, with biomorphic surfaces that switch colour in accordance with weather changes. Dark colours will cool the future home when bright sunlight floods in, and lighter ones on grey days will let more light in.

  1. Self-Cleaning Bathrooms and Kitchens

Progress is supposed to make things easier for us, and what better way to do that than a ‘smart’ future home that cleans itself? Self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt using UV light is already a reality, so the next step up will be a clever room that responds to dirt or dust accumulation by doing a complete spray down while you’re out.

  1. Home Robots

Despite the ‘future shock’ movies intended to instill fear about having robotic help, there will probably come a time when most homes will have a robot housekeeper that can carry out routine tasks.

  1. Home Surgery

Future homes will have a built-in auto-scanner that checks you for any warning signs of illness each time you walk through your front door.



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  1. Digital Wallpaper

Gone will be the days when you had to tear down old wallpaper to make way for new, or invest in buckets of paint to refresh the look of your walls. A digital wallpaper system will allow you to simply download your colour or pattern of choice and even use your walls as a giant 3D cinema. Maybe this will be the end of televisions too?

  1. Smart Offices

Your home’s hub will be a smart office where you ‘attend’ work meetings using virtual reality glasses. Your phone, tablet, and laptop will also be charged as soon as you enter. Say goodbye to the days when you had to call around to see if anyone knew where your phone charger was. To keep security levels high, voice recognition or retinal scans will be necessary to access confidential office information.

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