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Expert Guide to Structural Warranties in Spain

CRL are an established provider of Structural Warranty services to developers in the UK and alongside our offices in England, Ireland and Scotland we also have offices in Europe that allow us to work with clients across Spain.

Our office located in the Marbella area of the Costa Del Sol and near the major city of Malaga is the ideal base from which to work with developers or self builders looking for Structural Warranty cover on new build properties throughout Spain.

About Structural Warranty in Spain

For developers in Spain a 10-year latent defects insurance is a legal requirement in order to sell a new build property. The law is known in Spanish as the Seguro Decenal and was brought in to help protect buyers of new property in the country which has previously experienced a mixed record with the quality of buildings, ranging from excellent quality constructions to those with serious structural problems, notably built during the boom times when there was a lack of qualified construction workers.

Holding a 10– year Structural Warranty policy on a new building is not only a legal requirement but can also be a good selling tool for developers marketing a new Spanish home. When you buy your policy from a reputable insurer such as CRL, buyers are reassured that their new home is covered against any serious structural issues that may arise thanks to a policy from a well known insurer and this helps them feel at ease when completing a purchase.

CRL underwriters and structural surveyors keep fully up to date with the latest building regulations that are specific to each region including the latest planning laws and building regulations in Spain and the UK.

Self Build Warranty in Spain

If you're planning a major renovation project that involves structural alterations or a complete new self-build project in Spain to either build your dream holiday home or as a permanent residence then it is important you protect your investment with Structural Warranty cover.

It is not a legal necessity to obtain a Structural Warranty certificate if the building is being constructed entirely for your own use as your home, however if you need to borrow money to complete the building work all Spanish banks will require you to have Structural Warranty in place before you can get a self build mortgage.

Specialists in Construction Insurance

Even if you are building the property for your own use and do not need any financial loan to complete the project a Structural Warranty is still essential because by law you will not be allowed to sell the property to anyone else within the first ten years without one.

If you don't intend to sell the property within the first ten years, a warranty is still very important to ensure you are not hit with a surprise bill should something go wrong with the structure of your building. Studies show that although structural faults are relatively rare, when they do occur they are expensive to put right with the average cost estimated at £42,000. For this reason not putting a Structural Warranty in place is a serious risk, if something goes wrong and you do not have the funds to pay for the structural repairs, the home could be come unsafe to inhabit.


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