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Jobs Available in £65M Facility at Aerospace Company

Cytec Aerospace Materials, the well-known aerospace manufacturer, is planning the construction of a new facility in Wrexham. The £65m manufacturing plant will create 50 new jobs for local area residents, giving the area a major economic boost.

The American company, which is based in New Jersey, provides innovative and advanced adhesive materials to manufacturers operating in the commercial and military aerospace industries. It specialises in advanced material solutions for challenging applications.

The Welsh Government is actively supporting the expansion after preliminary discussions between Economy Minister Edwina Hart and the president of Cytec at Farnborough Airshow.

Wrexham presently serves as the primary location for the company’s European technical service and development team, which includes the European branch of the customer service team. 230 people are presently employed at the site.

The new manufacturing plant, which is located opposite Cytec’s existing facility on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, will primarily support customers located in the EU and Asia-Pacific.

Bill Wood, president of Cytec Aerospace Materials, said that more and more aerospace manufacturers are using advanced materials to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the weight of newly built aircraft. By investing in adhesive resin materials, he added, Cytec is demonstrating its declared commitment to the growth of the industry as well as its need for optimised production processes and supply capacity.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said that the new facility was “great news” and she was delighted that Cytec had decided to proceed with this expansion in Wales.

Ms Hart said that Cytec, a recognised global player, operates in a key Welsh economic sector and she was pleased that the Welsh Government was able to deliver the support required to bring this important piece of expansion about.

The Welsh Government sourced and sold Cytec a compatible four-acre government-owned site on Abenbury Way to support the proposed expansion. It also put together a team of property experts, architects, and planners to complete the preparatory work and environmental studies to verify that the location could be development within the required timeline.

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The team also put together plans to fit the facility, service park, and car parking on the site and secured outline planning permission.

Mr Wood added that support from the Government of Wales was instrumental in getting the go-ahead for the expansion and was “very much appreciated.”

Work on the new plant is set to begin this month.

In recent weeks, the aerospace industry has been showing signs of playing an increasingly important role in the Welsh economy. The Paris Airshow, the biggest industry event of its kind, attracted over 150,000 visitors.

John Whalley, chief executive of the Aerospace Wales Forum, pointed out that North Wales produces 80 percent of the world’s space glass while some of the robotics used in the Mars Mission were developed with assistance from experts at Aberystwyth University. There is also prospect of space tourism, with a site in North Wales already earmarked as one of the country’s first space ports.


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