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Amazon Computing Platform Will Future-Proof Your Home

Ambient computing is the concept that everything around you is both intelligent and computerized, from your lights to your stereo system to your thermostat.

The Alexa platform from Amazon is touted as offering this capability to future-proof your home.  

Although ambient computing is still in its early stages, Alexa continues to improve its abilities in the area. Unlike Apple’s Siri, it remains open to third parties, bringing it closer to the point where it makes technology work for us automatically. 

At present, Alexa can answer basic search or system-related questions and play music from Spotify and other streaming services. It’s also establishing the foundation for a future-proof home, due to the fact that a growing number of accessories are compatible with the Amazon platform. Alexa also allows smart-home owners to control all compatible accessories with their voice, which is more convenient that searching an iPhone for the app that opens the garage door. 

Alexa is positioning itself as the best platform to dominate ambient computing. Although it’s not expected to happen in the immediate future, Amazon has gone the extra mile to set the stage for something more impressive than simply playing your favourite Netflix series with an Alexa voice command. 

Below are four primary Amazon advantages that could see Alexa become the guiding force as ambient computing develops. 

Alexa is widely integrated 

An increasing number of companies are integrating Alexa into their products. At the last CES tech industry conference, these products included: 

  • Cars from Ford and Toyota 
  • Whirlpool dishwashers and ovens 
  • Kohler bathtubs 
  • Speakers from several audiovisual firms 

A voice assistant is necessary for ambient computing to be successful. If Alexa is not present when you call for it, it has essentially failed. By getting its computing platform into everything a future-proof home might need, Amazon is enjoying a head start. 

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Alexa is open-source 

Alexa is so widespread because Amazon transformed it into an open platform that anyone can build into. In addition to hardware appliances, apps and services can integrate with Alexa, making it much easier to apply voice controls. 

The smart-speaker market is dominated by Amazon 

Although Google is gaining ground in this area, Amazon already owns two-thirds of the market for smart speakers. Echo and smart speakers powered by Alexa have a huge install base, which provides people with a greater incentive to build into Alexa first. 

Alexa keeps improving 

When the Echo speaker launched four years ago, the extent of its capability was playing your Amazon streaming music purchases and buying items from the online store. Today, it is a lot more capable and powerful. The Echo can now stream music from several different services, order a pizza, request an Uber, and even make phone calls. 

Amazon has done such a great job of improving the Echo that you’re likely to keep the speaker in a future-proof home for years before you need to replace or upgrade it. When you buy one now, you’re in a position to benefit from whatever Alexa can do next and, in the process, keep your technology future-proof. 

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