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List of Apps for Builders and Architects

Smartphones are being integrated into the construction industry at a rapid rate, with the result being a growing number of apps for builders and architects.

The list below contains the more popular construction-related apps, some of which have so many powerful features that they turn a smartphone into an office.


This iPhone app is an all-in-one bid management system that enables you to create a bid and track it safely and securely as it progresses along the line with subcontractors and firms. By making important information easy to access, SmartBidNet is one of the most powerful apps for builders.


The GoBIM app lets you work with 3D BIM objects and their related data. The model size that it can handle will depend on the number of materials, parametres, and triangles, but GoBIM is an excellent app for basic functions.


This CAD application allows you to create technical drawings with your fingers. The final, computer-assisted design can be saved and printed or sent via email. It’s a great app for creating CAD designs on site.


Truckast makes it easy to create and place your concrete order directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can also track delivery times and create a record of how much concrete has been laid and how much more is coming.

Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

You can use this app to calculate how much concrete and rebar you will need for your next project. It also calculates waste materials and the costs of concrete and rebar, so you have all the information you need to order concrete for any project.

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Roofing Calculator

After you enter the work area details, this calculator app will calculate how many roofing shingles, squares, and bundles you will need for a particular job. You can also input a cost per bundle and a percentage of waste overage in your calculations.


Paper is an iOS mobile sketching app favoured by architects. It includes five tools, a blank canvas to work on, and an unlimited number of virtual sketchbooks. Easy, efficient, and responsive, Paper even won Apple’s App of the Year.


MagicPlan produces room plans by using augmented reality and your device’s camera. All you need to do is stand, point the camera, and let the app do the rest. Drawings can exported as pdfs, jpgs, or dxfs.

Graphisoft BIMx

BIMx introduces the concept of hyper-models, or BIM on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. It can be used by everyone on your design and construction team, making it an excellent app for collaboration.


Designed by Autodesk, this app allows you to freely sketch designs and export the drawings at different resolutions and on different canvas sizes, making it a useful resource for architects.

Morpholio Trace

Often referred to as an architect’s best friend, Trace allows you to do just that. Architects, designers, and other creatives can sketch out and solidify their ideas for sharing with clients and other creative professionals.

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