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Smartphone App Developer Launches Architect App

Morpholio, which specialises in smartphone apps for artists, designers, and photographers, has launched a new app for architects.

Tracepro provides user assistance during the administration phase of a construction project, so architects don’t waste their time designing by hand. 

Architects have always been faced with the challenge of making critical design decisions in the field. On-site design is on the rise, and more design appears to be happening in construction than in concept. Scope changes, budgets, and fast-paced schedules have compelled important on-site decisions and alterations. So have contractor errors, changed field conditions, and client changes. 

Tracepro for iPhone is an architect app that changes site visits by importing major components of the design process into construction administration. Architects can make field changes in seconds, make smarter markups by measuring drawings and photos, and even use a scaled map to make window adjustments. They can then leave the site with the problem solved and all changed documented. 

According to morpholio co-founder Anna Kenoff, CA is the essence of the process. This architect app contains five CA tools that can forever change the way that architects do site visits. 

On-site AR Drawing

The iPhone AR creates exact perspective grids and allows design modifications, corrections, and changes to be sketched in seconds. Field views can also be captured and imported into an iPad for more detailed drawings. 

Fast Markups 

Architects can take photos, register the scale, and then accomplish any necessary markups from anywhere. The stencil and text tools create clear clouds and annotations that can be saved and send back to the team immediately from the site. 

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Portable Full-Scale Drawings

No more carrying around full sets of documents. The multipage PDF feature will import and markup complete sets of drawings. Architects can also key site photos to any drawing in the PDF to ensure that all sets are current and complete. 

Scaled Sitemaps

If something in the field does not match the site plan, architects can immediately produce a scaled map to design on, review, or measure site boundaries. 

Smarter Photos

Photos are more intuitive. If an architect forgets to measure something, they can use one dimension by registering it and then measuring everything else on it either on-site or when they return to the office. 

Tracepro offers unparalleled opportunities to think in scale. Thanks to an exportable project format, architects can send trace drawings to colleagues and team members and provide their own notes and changes on documents they receive. This multifaceted architect app will aim to create an ideal combination by balancing the thinking that transpires between the eye, mind, and hand and the thought exchanges between teams and collaborators. 

Architects need tools for more than just recording. They also need support for thinking, drawing, and collaborating as they work. Tracepro gives creative power back to these architects whenever a project reaches a challenging phase and lets them prove that the hand is mightier than the mouse and that creativity does not have to happen at a desk.

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