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More Than 1,000 Architects Needed Every Year

Architect demand across the UK is so high that over 1,000 new architects need to be found every year to keep up, according to a recent report. 

The CITB, the construction training board, directed an industry insights study, which revealed that 47,760 architects were needed by 2020 to supply the anticipated increase in output. 

The study calculated that there are presently 43,340 architects employed in the UK, which means that 1,105 new professionals will be needed every year to make up for the deficit.

The figures suggest that the CITB study is employing a broader definition of ‘architect’ than the Architects’ Registration Board, which has confirmed that 38,783 individuals paid the required fees to work as registered architects in the UK this year. This amount is the largest number of registrants ever. 

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The level of architect demand is reflected by the fact that in London alone, over the next four years 1,700 extra architects are going to be needed for design projects. This total is almost half of the total deficit calculated by the CITB. 

In contrast, architecture positions in the North East of England and the East Midlands are expected to decrease slightly during the same time frame, according to a report compiled from a combination of expert opinion, research, and official data. Architect demand therefore appears to be concentrated in certain areas. 

More than 150,000 construction jobs are expected to be created across all professions by 2022, with infrastructure expected to be the highest performing subsector. Its average annual growth is predicted to be 3.1%. 

Both private and public housing are also expected to grow in terms of career opportunities over the next few years, but work in the commercial sector is not expected to expand at all. 

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