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Building Kits Intend to Inspire Future Architects

Arckit, the Ireland-based manufacturer of architectural model kits, has developed three-dimensional city building kits for both professional and aspiring architects and urban planners.

Titled Arckit Cityscape and Arckit Masterplan, these model building kits are designed to appeal to an audience ranging from children to hobby-type enthusiasts to professionals.

The kits are an extension of the original three-dimensional modelling system that Arckit launched in 2014. Founder Damien Murtagh said that the company was launched as a design tool for architects. Since then, it has gained a following among a wider audience.

Mr Murtagh said that for the new products, Arckit wanted to remain true to its origins as a tool for professionals, while at the same time developing a product that makes architecture more appealing to a younger and broader audience.  To raise the funds to produce the new kits, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign that provides supporters with ‘early bird’ discounts if they decide to buy the 12 new kits.

The original modular system was aimed only at architects and presented as an efficient and reusable alternative to traditional model making. When children expressed interest at the product launch, the kit appeared in toy shops and inspired comparisons with Lego.

Like the original building design systems, the new urban planning kits consist of a modular series of plastic components. They are easy to assemble and can be taken apart and reused when the model has accomplished its purpose.


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The Arckit Cityscape series is aimed at a general audience, while the Masterplan building kits are designed to appeal to professionals and older children. Mr Murtagh said that the main challenge for Arckit was to ensure that a younger audience could have fun using the kits to learn while a professional audience could use them to create more professional models.

He explained that the company decided to create two different products and include several different options within each series. The strategy worked because all of them are designed in the same style and achieve the same result: creating minimal, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing results.

Available in four different styles and either pastel or plain white finishes, Arckit Cityscape kits come in three sizes. Arckit Masterplan, which is aimed at an older audience, has a similar foundation as Cityscape but includes extra wall components that allow users to build taller structures as well as larger projects like bridges and entire districts. It features both clear and white components, comes in two sizes, and includes graphic stickers that create realistic building exteriors.

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