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Building’s Wall Defect Allows Water into Theatre

A building wall defect discovered in New Zealand's Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch is being corrected, but theatre management has confirmed that the work will not be completed until next year.

Whenever the weather is damp, rainy, and propelled by a strong southerly wind, the western wall of the theatre on Gloucester Street leaks. Although the water has yet to cause damage, theatre management are anxious to have it fixed.

David Stock, chairman for the Isaac Theatre Royal Foundation, said that the repair tasks were being carried out by Naylor Love, the contracting company that restored the theatre for its reopening in November 2014.

Mr Stock said that the repair work was being treated as a building wall defect correction under the original contract and the theatre would not incur any additional expense.

He explained that the water was entering the building during poor weather, at the base of the western wall. Metal sheeting on the building roof that came loose during a particularly intense storm was also being replaced.

Mr Stock said that the water only seeped in when there was a hard southerly wind, and that applying the sheeting would ensure that the leaking stopped.

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The sheeting could not be applied on the lower half of the wall because portable cabins were presenting an obstruction. These cabins were being used by construction company Southbase as project offices. Southbase was presently on site building the new library across the road.

The metal sheeting could be placed over rest of the building wall defect once construction on the library was concluded and the cabins had been taken away. The library is scheduled for completion next year.

In the interim, the sheeting on the upper half of the wall should be installed by the end of September.

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