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How Construction Mobile Technology Can Lead the Industry

With the world going mobile, construction companies need to start implementing more mobile technology in their operations.

Mobile tools can provide companies with integrated solutions to improve their operations while also helping them keep up with competitors in the construction industry.  

Over 80% of construction professionals responding to an industry survey said they considered mobile technology a high priority, and four out of five were currently using some form of construction mobile technology. Let’s take a closer look at what it can do to shift the industry forward. 

Less Reworking 

65% of construction professionals surveyed said that their number one cost was reworking. Construction mobile technology ensures that communication between all stakeholders is immediate and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to a project timeline and completion date. 

Information is Delivered in Real-Time 

Mobile applications enable field workers to send documents to a shared platform, where project managers and other back office members can see them immediately and be apprised of what is happening onsite. Field workers can also request information and assistance from the construction site, saving time and money. 

Organisation is Improved 

Construction mobile technology lets you both create and access documents on a single shared platform where they can be easily found and retrieved. This capability will save you the time and frustration of having to recreate a document or deal with problems caused by incomplete documentation. 

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Better Accountability in the Field 

Mobile solutions allow the back office to keep an eye on what the field workers are going, improving accountability. Most mobile technologies have GPS capabilities that let supervisors and project managers track on-site progress and even save on labour costs. 

Avoid Expensive Mistakes 

Manual processes and paper forms frequently cause errors, some of which are expensive for construction company management. Using mobile technology can reduce the likelihood of a costly mistake by streamlining everything. Workers can submit their hours directly from the sote, eliminating payroll errors, and team members can communicate directly with each other to limit misunderstandings. 

Increase Revenue  

Mobile technology saves money as well as time because workers in the field can immediately create and receive work orders, view project history and notes, and generate additional quotes. Faster and more accurate communication ensures efficiency, which in turn increases both cost savings and customer satisfaction. 

Decrease Liability 

Construction mobile technology improves documentation accuracy, which reduces litigation risk. For example, safety inspections are legally mandated, but paper forms cannot verify that inspections took place on a particular date. Mobile technology provided validated date and time stamps and digital signatures, which make it easier to prove that inspections are taking place. 

Most mobile technologies are hosted on cloud networks, which means that updates are readily available and your tools will always be current in terms of functionality and security. Frequent and easy access to new and updated features will make daily tasks at any sized construction firm more reliable and efficient, giving it a competitive edge as the industry evolves.

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