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How New Technologies Are Enhancing the Construction Industry

Several of the most important industry trends being witnessed today are based on new technologies that are redefining the design and construction processes.

Below are some of the especially powerful breakthroughs in construction tech that will only become stronger with time and development.

Smart Buildings

These homes and buildings use automation to direct and control important systems such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, and security. ‘Smart’ technologies are quickly gaining ground in the commercial real estate industry, as they enable owners and managers to reduce energy usage and minimise their carbon footprint.

Building Information Modeling

Also known as BIM, Building Information Modeling is a 3D process for setting up and managing projects. Although it is typically used during the design process, BIM can also be used at all stages of construction. Industry professionals can benefit from this construction tech by developing more precise plans and producing faster results, while remaining within the allotted budget.

Sustainable Design and Construction

This methodology is a strong way for companies to reduce their energy consumption and cut costs while minimising their environmental impact. Sustainable practices require a holistic approach to the design process, with the construction group creating and building all necessary elements so that everything works together. This approach can create buildings that can be up to 70% more efficient than the regular commercial building.


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Mobile Technology

Integrating mobile technology into construction jobs has also helped project teams make the entire construction process more efficient. Using a mobile device to record data directly on the job site improves efficiency and lowers cost while allowing remote team members and field offices to have total visibility into site data. These devices also improve the accuracy and quality of communications between owners, contractors, architects, and construction teams.


Although it has been used in the construction industry for years, prefabrication has become even more beneficial thanks to new construction practices and technologies. Building information modeling (BIM) has transformed the way that project collaboration is carried out, allowing teams to use prefabrication more frequently on bigger and more detailed projects. Prefabrication and energy simulation has enabled teams to design and construct more sustainable buildings.

Using  5D MACRO-BIM for Cost and Schedule Modeling

5D BIM serves as a connection between regular building information modeling and issues like time constraints and costs. It can potentially transform the construction industry, as it gives all parties involved in the project a more complete understanding of how conceptual design applies to a project’s schedule and budget.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft that can be piloted via an onboard computer or remote device. They can be automated by preset flight paths or controlled manually using a remote control or mobile device. Aerial drones or UAVs, whilst not a construction tech development,  can be used to help construction professionals track project progress or carry out site surveys in real-time by creating 3D images and aerial maps and photos. UAV technology also contributes to workplace safety and productivity.

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