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Council changes self-building register rules

Cotswold District Council recently introduced new fees and criteria for the local area's self and custom-build register. These changes took effect on November 1st 2017.

New applications for the self-building register that meet established criteria regarding financial viability and local area connection as well as current legislative criteria, will be assessed and charged a £75 entry fee. This step has been classified as part 1 criteria.  Applicants who fail to meet the part 1 criteria for some reason but still comply with existing legislative criteria for the self-building register will receive a part 2 classification and be required to pay a £25 entry fee. 

When providing enough planning consent for serviced plots to comply with local demand for custom and self-build projects, the council will presently only have to consider applications for those classified as part 1. However, the Cotswold District Council is still required to review part 2 planning applications when conducting planning and similar functions. 

Entrants who are currently listed on the council’s custom-building and self-building register will automatically be listed under criteria for part 1. 

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Councillor Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, the cabinet member for planning for Cotswold District Council, said that these changes comply with the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Regulations 2016, which give local authorities the power to set their own criteria for adding new entrants into the self-building register. 

Cllr MacKenzie-Charrington said that given the high demand for land for housing, it makes sense to restrict entry to part 1 of the register to applicants who can demonstrate that they have a strong connection with the local authority area and that they have enough resources to buy a plot in the district for their self-build project. 

The Cotswolds self-building register provides local residents with the opportunity to control the design and construction of their own homes. 

It will be interesting to see if other local authorities with high demand for the self-build register adopt a similar approach.  

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