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Small Builders Series: CPD and the Value of Experience

The building and construction industry is far from static. On the contrary: it’s in a constant state of change marked by progress and expansion.

This means that those employed in the industry must commit to lifelong learning if they want to develop their career. Without access to continuing professional development courses, they risk being left behind as well as impacting the success of the companies that employ them.

For employers and in the industry in general, CPD for builders is important. Let’s take a closer look at what CPD is, why it matters so much today, and the benefits it presents for the building and construction industry.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD for short, refers to ongoing learning activities that professionals undertake to acquire the skills, experience and experience they need to remain relevant and up to date. This is the primary benefit of CPD for builders.

CPD is compulsory in many industries. In Australia, for example, builders in states like NSW and Tasmania must continue to learn and hone their skills. In Victoria, CPD isn’t required for builders although it’s strongly encouraged. At present, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is reviewing CPD for trades and engineers.

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Why Does CPD for Builders Matter?

In a nutshell, the building and construction industry is constantly evolving. With increasing specialisation, changes in regulations, and technological advances, CPD is practically the norm for tradespeople looking to advance in their careers as well as employers wanting to accomplish their business goals. For employers, CPD for builders online is a valuable resource.

Many professions treat CPD as a series of ‘tick the box’ exercises. To prevent the same outlook from infiltrating the building and construction industry, CPD courses must be beneficial and affordable to both employees and employers as well as convenient and available. In some cases this can mean taking builders’ CPD courses online.

Benefits of CPD in the Construction Industry

The benefits of CPD for builders is clear. But what about for employers and businesses? For these parties, CPD can:

  • Support employer business objectives
  • Maintain consistently high standards across the country
  • Promote greater productivity and work engagement
  • See workers become more committed to their job roles
  • Help share workplace best standards
  • Cultivate an environment of development and support
  • Maximise the potential of staff
  • Boost company culture and staff morale simultaneously
  • Serve as a benchmark for annual reviews

CPD also presents benefits for the industry as a whole. It helps to:

  • Reduce both risk and defects
  • Make consumers more confident
  • Lower all forms of insurance premiums
  • Ensure that qualifications remain current

CPD ultimately keeps the building and construction industry moving in the right direction as it adjusts to a rapidly evolving workforce.

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