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CRL Inspection Stages


In respect of Final Inspections; you are required to ensure that the build work has completed, and no additional works are required on site, before requesting
your Final Inspection. We will be unable to issue Policies until such time as our inspectors have signed your job off as complete and approved. In the event that
one of our inspectors visits your site on your request for a Final Inspection, and an additional inspection is required following this due to incomplete works, an
administration fee of £250 will be chargeable. We therefore request that you ensure the site is ready for inspection at the time of the request being made.

You can request an inspection by visiting http://www.C-R-L.com/survey-request/ and submitting an inspection request. Please note that it can take up to 14
days for an inspection to be arranged, it is therefore imperative that you give us adequate notice to arrange a visit to your site.

What's included?

We have detailed below the key stages of construction when we will carry out an inspection of the works on your site. It is your responsibility to inform us when
you reach each stage in order for us to arrange for an inspector to visit your site and assess the work that has been carried out.

Content includes:

  • Initial

  • Interim

  • Final Completion