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CRL New Home Warranty for Developers

If you are a small house builder, or even working for a large developer, you will have noticed that there is now more choice than ever when it comes to a New Home Warranty.

Today there are far more options available than just the NHBC. With Zurich recently leaving the New Home Warranty industry it has left room for new alternatives such as CRL to grow and increase market share.

The benefit for developers is the opportunity to remain more independent and give a point of difference over their nearest competitors.

This aspect of our policy essentially means that once a new home is built by you and signed off after meeting our building standards, we assume responsibility and cover the property from day one. This not only allows you to focus on your day to day business and build new homes, it allows your customers to deal with one point of contact throughout their entire 10-year warranty period.

For more details and an overview on what to expect when working with us to meet our regulations, standards and best practices, see our Key Inspection Stages factsheet here.

In addition, here are a few features of working with CRL and our New Home Warranty :

• CRL are approved by a large percentage of lenders

• CRL are part of the Council of Mortgage Lenders initiative
• We offer cover for part-completed or completed projects, plus retrospective insurance for prviously completed buildings
• We provide fast quotes and responses to enquires
• You can be sure of excellent customer service with multiple offices throughout the UK


How To Apply

Home builders, self-builders, local authorities, architects and developers interested in applying to become registered with CRL should follow the useful links below to get started. We'd be happy to hear from you no matter how small or complicated you projects may be - we love a challenge!

Apply for CRL membership

Get a quote



Structural Defects Insurance

What CRL New Home Warranty cover means for homeowners

CRL's Structural Insurance is an alternative to relying on an Architect's Certification, NHBC or Premier Guarantee warranty products.

Our policy is ideally suited to cover new build homes, property conversions, mixed-use properties and renovation or home improvement projects such as large extensions.

When your new home is covered by a CRL policy it means that we will inspect and uphold the latest building regulations, building standards and best practices with regular inspections during the building period.

This ensures the construction, design, workmanship and materials used in the build of your home reaches the required standard.

With CRL Structural defects insurance in place, should something unexpected go wrong with the structural elements of your home within in the first ten years after the building work is completed, your property will be covered for the cost of repairs or rebuilding work.

It is important to remember that a New Home Warranty covers against major faults to the structural elements of your home and will not cover general wear and tear, or things such as fire and flood.


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