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CRL Road Bonds: AVIS Calculates Britain’s Best Drive

According to Avis UK boss Mark Servodidio, the international car hire firm has been debating for decades on the subject of which is the best driving road in the world. Now, he says, they have devised a means of calculating that distinction.

With direct assistance from quantum physicist Dr Mark Hadley, Avis determined that the perfect ratio for an ideal driving road was 10 seconds spent on a straight stretch of road for every one second spent turning a corner.

The formula, which is known as the Advis Driving Ratio (ADR), took into account factors such as bends, acceleration, cruising, and braking, with a Mercedes E350, Jaguar XKRS, and Porsche Carrera 911 being used in the equation. All of these cars are part of the Avis fleet.

Applying this ratio to roads throughout the world led the Avis-driven team, which also consists of John Wardley, roller coaster engineer, and Hermann Tike, who designed the Formula One track, to conclude that the A591 is Britain’s best road, with its ratio of 14:3.

The scenic 30-mile segment in the Lake District includes breathtaking views of the banks of Thirlmere and Windermere as well as Lakeland fells. The road was allegedly a source of inspiration for poets Coleridge and Wordsworth: two of the latter’s houses in the village of Grasmere can even be seen from the road.

Dr Hadley explained that a drive has four main phases: bends, acceleration, cruising, and braking. The best driving roads strike an ideal balance between all four phases so that motorists enjoy the thrill of speed and acceleration while their driving abilities are being tested by the corners. Long stretches bracketed by beautiful scenery are an added bonus.

The B3515, which connects Cheddar to Ashwick in Somerset, ranks second in Britain’s best roads. It includes 14 miles of beautiful countryside, with cliff faces on both sides.

The A535 in Cheshire between Holmes Chapel and Alderley Edge is in third place. It passes Jodrell Bank, where the Grade I listed, 90-metre tall, 76-metre wide Lovell Telescope is situated.

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The formula has identified the world’s best overall road as Portugal’s N-222 between Peso de Régua and Pinhão. Cutting through the Douro Valley, the 28-kilometre stretch has spectacular views of the country’s wine region and an ADR of 11:1.

The second best road is the segment of Highway 1 between Castroville and Big Sur in California, which has an ADR of 8.5:1. It hugs the central California coastline and passes through the Carmel region, which is renowned for the scenic views.

For drivers who enjoy more of a challenge, Japan’s Nihon Romantic Highway has plenty of hairpin bends, while the Amalfi Coast in Italy will leave thrill seekers breathless as they navigate the sharp bends. Those interested in a low-intensity yet beautiful drive will probably enjoy the Overseas Highway in Florida.


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