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CRL self build warranty

If you're carrying out a self build project, from complete new dwelling to major alterations or extensions to your home, then a self build warranty is an essential insurance policy to put in place.

A self build warranty helps to protect the financial investment you have in your home should something go wrong with the structural aspects of your new build or alterations and each warranty lasts for ten years in order to cover the period when faults with new work can become apparent.   Latest Self Build Warranty News:  Sleeping with the Fishes: Man Installs £150,000 Aquarium in Home A Rochester, Kent man had his family go on holiday for a few weeks so that he could rip apart their three-bedroomed detached home and set up a 5,000 litre fish tank that cost an astonishing £150,000.

Facilities management consultant Martin Lakin sent his wife and son away to Tenerife for weeks so that he could install a massive aquarium in their house. The tank holds around 120 brightly coloured tropical fish and a living coral reef. As soon as the family’s plane was airborne, Martin started laying the groundwork for his ‘dream tank’, but it nearly ended up destroying the Lakin home.

The project turned out to be so complicated that Lakin’s wife, Kay, and son James had to seek shelter elsewhere for five months, as architects had warned him that installing the tank would make the house collapse. The council came around frequently to check planning permission and confirm that the renovations were safe. Kay Lakin remained calm throughout the potentially catastrophic situation and supported her husband’s plans. She said that it was the fish in a garden centre her father once ran that inspired Martin to take up the hobby years ago. She said that Lakin already had a gigantic aquarium but he wanted a larger one and said a bigger home was needed to accommodate it. Because she loved her house and didn’t want to move, she compromised by allowing him to have a bigger tank in their current dwelling. Martin, who is mad about fish, built an aquarium so huge that both his wife and 15-year-old son James could swim in it.

There is also an automated sunroof for the fish. As it turned out, Lakin redesigned the property around the aquarium he wanted. He had to install two huge steel joists the height and length of the building to support the tank after he took out the entire central wall to make room for it.

The tank itself cost a staggering £50,000, but an additional £100,000 was spent on coral, water pumps, and computer automation to keep the ecosystem active and safe for the fish 24-7. Martin said that he stopped tallying the cost once it exceeded £100,000, joking that the amount he spent on installing and setting up the tank was enough to buy a two-bedroom terraced home in Sheerness.

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He added, “But you’ve got to be bold, butch and decisive to get these things done.” Martin will need to pay an estimated £200 a month on electricity to keep the tank going. When other expenses are taken into account, it will cost around £4,000 a year to maintain.

Lakin expressed hope that the 20 solar panels he recently installed on his property will have a lowering effect on the cost. Kay told her husband that there will be no larger tanks, but his friend Scott chuckled that the present tank is only a temporary substitute for an ever bigger one that Martin intends to build in the future.

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