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Developer Offers Innovative New Wall Technology

A housebuilder based in Penrith is introducing sound-proofed 'silent walls' and extra-strength plasterboard into its designs.

Cumbrian Homes, a leading regional housebuilder, has partnered with British Gypsum to offer new and innovative products that make DIY tasks much easierand improve the quality of the walls that it builds.

Cumbrian Homes is in the process of building at Otter’s Holt, Culgaith and Carleton Manor Park in Penrith. Among the new products being used to build these developments are Gyproc Habito plasterboard, which has a unique core specially designed to deliver higher levels of flexibility, durability, and strength.

Thanks to the strength of the plasterboard, homeowners can fix heavier items such as TVs, bookshelves, and curtain poles to the walls with a lot less difficulty. These objects can simply be screwed right into the wall without specialist fixings or even drilling being necessary.

Homebuyers also have the option of installing these ‘silent’ sound-proofed walls in rooms that they select, to ensure a quiet night’s sleep, mask noise from kids or loud hobbies, or ensure a quiet home office to work in.

Cumbrian Homes managing director Nigel Pallister said that when the show home was opened and public reaction to the products was witnessed first-hand, the company knew that it had made a good move in collaborating with British Gypsum.

Established in 1971, Cumbrian Homes is the recipient of several accolades, and has a focus on using local suppliers and materials whenever possible.

British Gypsum is the manufacturer of GypWall QUIET, a lightweight and sound-blocking acoustic separator frequently used in apartments, hospitals, schools, hotels, and other developments where Building Regulations require a high level of acoustic performance.

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