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Dozens Show Interest in Shropshire Self-Build Project

The scheme, which will be situated on six hectares at London Road in Shrewsbury, will contain enough room for approximately 45 aspiring homeowners to build their own residences.

Nick Wood, planning officer for Shropshire Council, stated that the planning department is presently discussing potential restrictions that may be placed on the property designs, to ensure that the resulting homes are acceptable for the location.

Other self-build schemes in Holland contain a wide variety of architectural designs.

Mr Wood said that the initial plan was for the properties immediately along London Road would be representative of their surroundings. Discussions are presently taking place regarding how lax the council will be in terms of design and appearance.

Shropshire Council’s planning department head, Ian Kilby, said that the planning department has no intentions of being inflexible when it comes to design.

Mr Kilby said that in his opinion, not enough was being done to advocate design quality. He did not think it was down to any one person or the planning department to stifle innovation. Instead, there will be what he called an “inherent conservatism” in approach.

Mr Wood confirmed that there has been a lot of interest in the project so far, as it presents an attractive option for a range of different house builders.

He explained that the plots appeal to those who cannot afford to buy a completed home and simply want a roof over their head. Others have goals that are more aspirational in nature, and want an aesthetically pleasing home.

The London Road site is primarily grassland and agricultural land bordered by the river Severn on the east, London Road on the south, a crematorium to the west, and land belonging to a private developer to the north. An estimated 5.17 hectares, which will accommodate 42 homes, are available for development.



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The primary reason for releasing the land for development is to provide space for local residents to build their own homes. The programme will create development opportunities in an area close to the town centre, local amenities, employment opportunities, and schools. The site also links to an important transport connection from the A5 into the centre of the community, making its amenities and employment opportunities easier to access.

The self-build project will also provide a means for the Shropshire council to dispose of its land holdings for self-build purposes, creating more sustainably designed, affordable homes.


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