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How Drone Photography Can Help Builders Market Developments

It can be challenging to effectively market a piece of real estate today. Competition is both high and intense, which is partly due to the fact that most leads are generated by online listings. Practically all property buyers start searching for their dream home online.

This is why high-quality video and photography can pay huge dividends. It differentiates property listings and gives them greater appeal than those with less attractive imagery. Today the most powerful real estate marketing resource is includung drone property photography and video tours in online listings.

Many estate agents are describing drones as the most important and exciting new technology to support real estate sales and marketing since the internet. A close examination of drone property photography makes their enthusiasm easy to understand.

Real estate photographers are usig flying cameras to produce sweeping, breathtaking shots of home exteriors, landscapes, mountain vistas, and ocean views. Camera drones and their earthbound counterparts, Glidecams, are also creating ultra HD interior home tours that can rival a Hollywood firm in quality and spectacle.

That said, drone property photography will not be able to provide all the pictures and video needed to market a real estate listing, as there are some images that a flying camera would have difficulty capturing. They include:

  • Fixed-position photography requring careful focus (e.g., helping a room appear larger)
  • Small space interiors, such as apartments and condos
  • Properties surrounded by foliage and other buildings
  • Traditional street-level photos that all homebuyers expect to see when they view listing

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Benefits of Using Drones to Advertise Real Estate

Below are some benefits that estate agents can enjoy when they use drone property photography to market their properties.

  • Create compelling and dramatic images. Camera drones can follow GPS-specified flight paths and automatically photograph points of interest. When drone photographs are well-designed, they look unbelievably professional and inspire a sense of interest and awe that ground-based photography cannot fully replicate.
  • Create more compelling virtual tours. A well-programmed camera drone can swoop into a property through the front door and travel from room to room, recording a more natural virtual tour than any of the station-oriented technologies. When the footage is combined with a professionally recorded voiceover, the resulting virtual tour is a rich visual narrative made even more compelling by the spoken history and information.
  • More property features can be highlighted. Many buyers value property features such as wide back yards, quality landscaping, walking paths, and pools. An aerial view can also reveal the proximity of nearby schools and parks.
  • Attract more clients. When an estate agent uses drone property photography to market their properties, it send the message to prospective sellers that they use every advantage to make the property look beautidul and stand out.
  • Surpass the competition. Listings that include aerial photos look more appealing and consequently sell better.
  • Save money. Compared to taking aerial photos from a helicopter, drone property photography is less expensive and much easier to set up.

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