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European Construction Output Rises

On the 18th of April, reports showed that output across Europe's Construction sector was 2.3% higher in February than January with he Eurozone reporting a 3% rise.

These figures are estimates extracted by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union and in January of this year, production in construction had fallen by 0.8% in the Euro area which contains 19 countries and had increased by 0.6% across the EU as a whole (EU28).

Comparatively, the results from the February 2019 and February 2018 production report showed that construction increased by 5.2% in the Euro area and by 4.9% in the EU28.

In terms of the monthly comparison, the Eurozone recorded an increase in civil engineering of 6.4% and 2.1% in building construction. In the EU28, the increase rate was 5.7% and 1.5%.

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Among member states with available data,

The highest increases were recorded in:

Slovenia (+11.9%)

Romania (+9.8%)

Poland (+7.0%)

Decreases were observed in:

Spain (-0.9%),

Czechia (-0.5%)

Finland (-0.3%)

The yearly comparison between February 2019 and February 2018 highlighted civil engineering rising by 11.9% and building construction by 3.3% in the Eurozone. In the EU28, civil engineering increased by 12.8% and building construction by 3.2%. The highest increases were seen in Hungary (+48.1%), Slovenia (+40.3%) and Poland (+15.1%). Decreases were noticed in Spain (-4.7%) and France (-0.5%).

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