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Excellence Awards Honours Property Leaders in Ireland

The second annual KPMG Irish Independent Property Industry Excellence Awards was recently held at the Convention Centre in Dublin, showcasing the amazing architectural wonders that design excellence can accomplish.

The illustrious gathering, which was sponsored by Pinergy and Eugene F. Collins, solicitors, was dedicated to excellence in several areas of architecture, from planning to construction and selling. There were 150 entries scattered across 11 categories, with Northern Ireland putting in a good showing. The winners were chosen after the judging panel carried out a blind vote.

Many of the entries submitted last year won international awards in other competitions, which is a testament to the quality of the designs and the integrity of the selection process. The DIT Doctorate in Property Research, which was sponsored by INM and is now up and running, was awarded to Lorna Colley last year.

Among the more famous property developers in attendance were the three Cosgrave brothers while Michael O’Flynn was seen chatting with fellow attendees.

Prof Dr Gunther Gruhn provided a source of entertainment when he let everyone know his thoughts on the Trump election while simultaneously taking a swipe at Irish developers.

Sean Gallagher, former Irish Presidential candidate, refused to discuss his current legal situation with RTE, but did discuss what he thought would be needed to get the country building.


Structural Defects Insurance

Mr. Murphy said that land costs were quite high, and that developers can cover building costs but not the land. He warned that there was no sense of urgency, strategy, or unity when it came to Government approach.

He conceded that Housing Minister Simon Coveney was, in his opinion, genuinely doing his best but unity across the board was needed.

Michael Grehan, MD of Residential Agent of the Year Sherry FitzGerald, added that the market was challenging but good and direct processes worked for everyone. In his opinion, the biggest problem was increasing supply. He encouraged more emphasis on supporting risk.

Mr Grehan also said that the building culture in Ireland had to shift to one of renting. He pointed out that when the Celtic Tiger was at its zenith, the home ownership rate was at 80 percent. Now build to rent was taking centre stage, and landlords were the only ones who could build to scale, as no one wanted to see rents increasing year on year.

Sean Mulryan from Ballymore was Property Entrepreneur of the Year and Overall Winner. A familiar and acclaimed name in Irish property circles, Mr. Mulryan always displayed superior levels of quality in his residential and commercial developments across the country.

This year he has built residences for families at Piper’s Hill in Dublin and made 101 units available at St Marnock's Bay in Portmarnock. Mr Mulryan, who tends to be on the shy and modest side, made a few quick statements for his supporters before collecting his awards.

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