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The Future of the Smart Home

Smart homes have been a topic of popular interest lately, and there are whispers that in the not-too-distant future, homes will be driven 100% by Artificial Intelligence. This is not the same as a motion sensor triggering a light to come on: Artificial Intelligence would be capable of considering the time of day and the direction an occupant was walking in to determine which light to turn on and for how long. 

Experts are envisioning a time when our homes can be aware of who lives under their roof, what everyone is doing at any given time, and what devices are currently in use. They could even free household members of the need to personally handle certain daily tasks, such as setting alarms, making coffee, and making necessary appointments. 

What would a home powered by Artificial Intelligence look like?  

You could wake up in the morning to the sound of your favourite Spotify playlist instead of an obnoxious buzzer. By the time you go downstairs to the kitchen, the coffee has finished brewing and you’re ready to enjoy the toast and cereal. You were running low on both, but the refrigerator, detecting that you needed more breakfast foods, placed an order online. 

Before you leave the home for the day, you don’t have to turn off the lights and music or lower the heat: the home does it all for you after you close the front door. It also switches off the coffee maker and locks the door behind you. 

While you’re at the office, the sensors in your bathroom drawers, kitchen cupboards, and hall closet monitor their contents to see what essentials you are running low on. It then compiles a list and places an online order. When the order arrives, your front door cameras recognise the delivery van and the door unlocks, allowing the driver to bring the purchases inside. When he leaves, the home’s robot will unpack everything and place all items where they belong.

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When you finally return after a long day at work, the house is already warmed up. After confirming your identity with a retinal scan, you go inside and prepare a vegetarian dinner using ingredients that your home ordered after consulting your menu for the week. After dinner, you retire to the sitting room, where the house speaker system informs you that your favourite TV programme begins in 10 minutes. The TV comes on at the appointed time, the blinds pull shut, and the lights are dimmed. Your watch monitors your blood pressure and internal temperature and lets the house know when to adjust the lighting, fans, and temperature accordingly.  

You never have to worry about cleaning up, as your robotic assistant tidies up after you and the vacuum cleaner tackles the floors as needed. As you fall asleep, a meditative app comes on and guides you gently into a deep and refreshing slumber. 

Right now this all sounds like something out of a futuristic film or novel, but homes are already smart. It likely won’t be too long before they are genuinely intelligent. 

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