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Futuristic Tidal Lagoon Plans for Swansea

Swansea is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and now, the city council is currently supporting an alternative major renewable energy development for Swansea Bay.

After proposing the idea to the government back in 2018, officials stated that, “Securing our energy needs into the future has to be done seriously and, when much cheaper alternatives exist, no individual project, and no particular technology, can proceed at any price."

According to an analysis submitted by the government, the lagoon would cost the average British household consumer a further £700 between 2031 and 2050.

However, independent research has shown that the mission is, in fact,  financially viable.

These new plans for Swansea include a myriad of advanced features, such as a tidal lagoon forming part of a new ‘Dragon Energy Island’ off the coast of Swansea. This innovative island would have large underwater turbines and futuristic floating homes. Along with these key aspects, there would also be an underwater data centre, a solar farm and the production of pure oxygen and hydrogen on site for sale or storage.

Holistic Capital, a local funding solutions firm, has commissioned a report to further explore the opportunity of delivering the tidal lagoon, despite governmental rejection.

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The Swansea Council Leader and Chairman of the task force, Rob Stewart, said: "Despite the UK government not backing the previous proposals, we never gave up hope on the opportunity to deliver a major renewables project in Swansea Bay. An enormous amount of hard work has taken place behind the scenes to develop a new proposal that will generate clean, green power for many generations to come.”

“The new proposal is a larger and more ambitious renewable energy development that's built upon the natural tidal benefits of Swansea Bay and complimentary technology to generate zero-carbon power. The tidal lagoon is at the heart of the new proposal and gives us the opportunity to create a new floating community of homes and businesses within the sea wall. This has already been successful in countries like Holland, Germany and Denmark, providing a sustainable solution to issues including population density and climate change,” he continued.

"This project will place Swansea Bay at the forefront of worldwide marine energy innovation, create thousands of jobs, boost local supply chain businesses, and help develop a globally significant export industry in Swansea Bay. Importantly, the independent report has found this new proposal to be credible and financially viable with the potential to make savings of up to 30% on previous estimates.”

"There's considerable interest from major companies in turning this opportunity into a commercial reality, so we're now keen to move forward,” added Rob Stewart.

Despite the lack of government support, the hype surrounding these new plans has attracted a greater audience of major firms and investors, showing promising value for the ideas. Although the project costs a heavy sum, the long-term effects are worth the money spent, with new homes, jobs and communities to be formed across the lagoon, not to mention the beneficial impact that this sustainable city would have on the environment.

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