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Green Building Demand to Grow ‘Significantly’ by 2021

Worldwide demand for green and smart buildings has grown significantly in recent years, and an international construction industry survey suggests that the industry expects this green building demand to continue.

The poll, which involved over 2,000 contractors, engineers, architects, investors, and owners from 86 countries, indicated that green building demand is expected to account for most of the construction sector’s projects in the years to come.

The research was published by Dodge Data & Analytics on behalf of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the World Green Building Council, and other green building groups. It found that over half of the survey respondents expected at least 60% of their project pipeline to involve green construction by 2021.

Dodge Data & Analytics said that the outlook is based on a significant amount of growth in demand for green building in the past decade. Some of it is expected to double in certain regions in the near future.

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The research also points to a significant change in the perceptions surrounding green buildings. For example, the number of survey respondents who believe that green construction costs more than traditional building methods has decreased dramatically from over 75% in 2012 to less than 50% in the most recent survey.

The Dodge Data & Analytics industry insights research director said that the enthusiasm and demand for retrofitting projects and green building was being driven by the business benefits involved, which have remained steady since 2012.

She added that these benefits include 88% savings in operating costs in the first year and a 7% increase in building asset values for new green construction, which has a clear influence on all green building professionals to continue their relationship with green.

In the meantime, the survey found that social benefits are becoming increasingly relevant to the green construction sector, with improved occupant health, well-being, and productivity becoming top priorities for companies. The wish to support local economies and create a sense of community are also valued.

World Green Building Council CEO Terri Wills said that the survey highlighted green building as an important business benefit. It is also regarded as having an effect beyond the immediate environmental advantages, such as better employee satisfaction and productivity.

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