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High-Tech Bathrooms: the Next Frontier of Self-Build

Technology is integral in almost every part of our lives. And now, with self-filling baths, digital showers, and sensor tiles, our bathrooms are going high-tech too

If you’re a self-builder, how do you go about bringing your bathroom into the twenty-first century. Do you need a degree in computer science or engineering?

Getting started

Going high-tech requires a complete revamp of your bathroom, so that it can accommodate the necessary electric cabling and the water supply is able to deliver to a massive showerhead or multiple jets. This system requires high-pressure capability, and most UK homes have water supplies that are gravity-fed and low-pressure, so you may need to replace the water tank or boost the system with a pump.

If you need to keep your renovation or build budget in check, it's still possible to create a luxury bathroom by adding other technology, without the expensive retiling and rewiring requirements.

Transitioning to digital

Digital showers with preset temperatures have been around for a while now so prices have started to come down. However for those with bigger budgets looking for cutting edge technology the ‘super shower’ allows flow customisation and even personalised water massage programmes, with aromatherapy and chromatherapy available as expensive add-ons. Some showers can even be activated wirelessly.

Sensor-based touch controls

Dual-flush cisterns, flow restrictors, and sensor taps are all a response to a general desire to waste less water which can be no bad thing. These intuitive controls are being touted as the next big thing in domestic bathrooms: Ideal Standard’s e-vision, for example, features a touch-screen and underlying technology that makes it a central control system for all water fittings in the bathroom.


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Home-based spas

Designers say that everyone will soon be putting together their own bathroom spas complete with music and television entertainment systems. Waterproof flatscreens and speakers built into the ceiling have fulfilled this need for awhile, but tech companies are now offering mirrors that double as LCD TV screens or have built-in MP3 players and LED message displays.

What the future holds

The integration of technology into the home bathroom seems like it still has plenty of mileage left. There are already scales on sale that can measure your muscle mass and body fat before recommending a daily calorie intake but there are also predictions that one day in the future technology incorporated into your household bathroom could perform a personal daily health check.

Managing the build

Most self-builders or renovators who want to incorporate these bathrooms of the future into their dream homes will have to hire experts. But those with a passion for technology and time-saving gadgetry will find the added expense a reasonable price to pay and no doubt enjoy the benefits for years to come.



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