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Top Three Home Technology Trends To Watch Now

Many homeowners, designers, and builders are interested in staying up-to-date on home tech trends. What devices or technologies are now available to help a building conserve energy, keep its inhabitants entertained or comfortable, or take advantage of the growing power of AI? If the technologies being displayed at conferences and trade shows are any hint, these three home tech trends are the ones to watch.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are already available but expect them to be more enhanced, with features that make voice control more intuitive for users and complex in their capabilities. Voice activation is mainly used for launching events. For example, if you say, “making dinner in the kitchen”, lights might come on in the food prep areas, the TV might immediately turn to the Food Network, and your favourite dinner preparation music playlist might come on. A simple voice command combines your desire for separate functions and makes them happen.

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Light Control

One of the biggest home tech trends to watch is the way that light is designed and used in the home. Tunable lighting, for example, can change colour temperature as well as brightness. By combining these features, when a light fixture brightens or dims, the colour temperature can change to imitate natural sunlight.

Recreating the changing colour of the sun as it rises and sets has been a goal of residential lighting designers for decades, and it appears that now this achievement has come to pass. Colour temperatures will play an important role in the way that natural lighting and light fixtures work together and produce healthier, more natural-looking lighting.

As anyone who has been exposed to fluorescent lighting for any length of time will confirm, it causes you to feel fatigued. With new home tech trends, lighting can be combined with other input, such as music, to have a positive effect on your mood.

Space-Enhancing Televisions

The way we watch sports and movies is changing fast. The traditional TV set is changing into a bigger screen with a superior picture that can actually blend with the room. People are also using their TVs for more than simply to watch a programme or movie. Today’s devices have chatting and social media capability, making them a valuable hub to the outside world.

Streaming is the most popular display technology feature, and technologies that can make your Netflix experience extra-enjoyable include a superior surround sound transmission and improving the bigger, thinner TV screens.

When designing locations for these advanced TVs, designers have noticed that TVs have become more adaptable to a variety of environments, and as a result, more people are asking for dedicated rooms. The traditional home theatre room is giving way to indoor and outdoor multi-purpose rooms and spaces, and screens are expected to get even larger, with high-resolution panels snapping together to build huge screens.

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