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Housing Minister Pledges £3bn to Deliver Affordable Homes in Scotland

Housing Minister Margaret Burgess has vowed to make £3 billion available to deliver 50,000 affordable homes in Scotland throughout the next five years.

The new goal is an increase of 67% in affordable home availability, with 70% of this amount being allocated for social rent.

These extra homes are anticipated to create around 20,000 new jobs per year and produce over £10 billion in economic returns over the course of the current Parliament.

This pledge came the day after the Scottish Government declared publicly that it surpassed its current five-year goal of delivering 30,000 affordable homes.

During a housing debate in the Scottish Parliament, Mrs. Burgess told MSPS that they originally had a target number of 30,000 affordable homes to complete, and that amount has been exceeded.

She added that a new generation of building council houses had been started, and steps were also being taken to protect social housing for the future by eliminating the right to buy.

Mrs. Burgess said that a commitment had been made to increase the supply of affordable homes by even greater amounts. The new target will be at least 50,000 new properties, a plan that will be supported by a minimum investment of £3 billion.

She pointed out that housing was a key priority for the current government and an important tool in the war against poverty, adding that the government is determined to ensure the delivery of the quality affordable homes that everyone needs.

First minister Nicola Sturgeon vowed to support the programme if the SNP were elected to a third term next May. At the opening of the SNP’s conference in Aberdeen, she said that housing would be one of the largest issues in the upcoming campaign.

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The first minister told delegates that providing affordable housing to everyone was central to the government’s goal to make the country better and more prosperous.

Ms Sturgeon’s plans were welcomed by the sector. Annie Mauger, director of Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland, said that new housing was desperately needed and added, “Setting an ambitious target is an important first step in that process.”

Mary Taylor, chief executive of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, said that the plan will help the organisation’s members create programmes of affordable housing on the ground.

Shelter Scotland Director Graeme Brown said that his group has been campaigning for more affordable housing in Scotland for years, and the announcement was good news for everyone across Scotland.

The country’s home building industry also welcomed the news, with representatives pointing to the important role that Help to Buy (Scotland)’s successor could play in tackling the ongoing housing shortage.

Homes for Scotland chief executive Philip Hogg said that he was “delighted” at the importance Ms Sturgeon had attached to the housing dilemma. He stated that the new shared equity scheme could make an important contribution to improving the supply of available affordable housing in Scotland.


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