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How long does Structural Defects Insurance last?

How long will my Structural defects insurance last?

Structural Defects Insurance normally last around 10 years, effective from the completion date of the property.

Some warranties may provide more cover in years one and two than they do in subsequent years.

Are different length structural defects insurance policies available?

The typical policy lasts for ten years although extended warranties lasting 12 are also available.
Retrospective cover is also available, meaning if the building is a a year or two old it could still be covered for any future structural problems.

Who provides the structural insurance over the 10 year period?

If you purchase a new home from a developer it is likely the warranty will be provided by an external Structural Defects Insurance specialist such as CRL.


Structural Defects Insurance

What is classed as a Structural Defect for insurance purposes?

A Structural Defect is a fault in the design or construction of the load-bearing portions or waterproofing of the property. Examples of the load-bearing portions include:

·       Foundations
·       External and internal load-bearing walls
·       Floors ( the the finish of the floors is not covered, i.e floorboards, tiles etc.,)
·       Roof structures

What is covered by Structural Defects Insurance?

Structural defects insurance covers major faults in the construction of a house, such as subsidence, drain problems or damp penetration.


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