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ICE To Host Shaping A Digital World Conference

Since 2011, in the aftermath of the first ICE conference on BIM, the construction sector has been driven by the BIM Level 2 Government mandate to transform itself digitally.

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has always spearheaded the effort, providing a forum for the industry and the government to exchange valuable technical knowledge and creating a platform for debate on the steps needed to unlock potential.

On October 13, the seventh ICE BIM conference will host Shaping a Digital World to present important insights on how to change not only the digital building tools the industry uses but also its basic approach to the assets it builds, manages, and uses.

One of this year’s speakers will be Alex Janzen, Executive Officer to the CEO Atkins UK and Europe. Mr Janzen will be providing civil engineers with an opportunity to understand the value of using digital building tools to support government strategy and the ways that they may be implemented to increase overall productivity in the industry.

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The UK should seize this chance to position itself s a global leader in smart infrastructure and digital delivery while supporting the resilience and productivity of its current networks. The ICE digital transformation efforts will help make this possible by focusing the country’s expert resources and global reach on:

  • Clarifying how the adoption of digital building tools can bring on the fourth industrial revolution
  • Applying cultural changes to get out of old habits and embrace mixed skillsets and interoperability
  • Anticipating the influence of more evolved sectors and embracing the inevitable transformation
  • Focusing on what users require and how to facilitate those requirements
  • Striking a balance between the impact of infrastructure on society and vice-versa

Featured events and resources include:

  • Three streams arising from 2017 State of the Nation Recommendations: Enhancing Resilience, Fostering Changes in Behaviour, Delivering Productivity
  • Interactive sessions such as roundtable discussions and world café formats where attendees are actively engaged in the debate
  • An exhibition with live technical demonstrations
  • Collaboration with manufacturing, aerospace, and other sectors to increase productivity and facilitate change
  • Live polls designed to identify new development opportunities

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