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Aggregate Industries Encouraging Female Construction Workers to Join Industry

Aggregate industries has confirmed that it has witnessed a 50% increase in the number of female graduates and over 10 times the number of female apprentices since 2015. 

As part of its continuous commitment to cultivating new talent and greater diversity in the industry, Aggregate industries has maintained a comprehensive apprenticeship programme, which has without a doubt had a positive impact on these welcome statistics. 

Each year, the company offers a variety of different programmes to give young people the opportunity to assume new skills and apply them in a live situation, which is an excellent way of providing important career experience. 

David Butterfield, Head of Learning and Development at Aggregate Industries, commented on the positive news by saying that it was great to see the company’s longstanding commitment to promoting construction careers among young people pay off so well. He pointed out that there has been an increase in course uptake, especially from aspiring female construction workers, which is hailed as a major step towards greater workforce diversity. 

Mr Butterfield said that there is still a lot of work to be done in raising awareness about the benefits of a construction industry career and eliminating the preconceived notion that the jobs were unskilled, poorly paid, and mainly for men. 

Inclusion and diversity

Aggregate Industries Inclusion & Diversity Lead Joanne Hankinson discussed how the inclusion work would continue. She said that when it comes to increasing the number of female construction workers in the sector, more needs to be done to publicise the excellent career opportunities that await them, as there is a potential for excellent pay and flexibility in work-life balancing.. 

Ms Hankinson said that as an employer, Aggregate Industries recognises the value of having diverse teams to encourage diversity of thought, creativity, and innovation. 


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