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Issues and Progress within the Construction Industry

Chief executive of the Structural Timber Association, Andrew Carpenter, has evaluated the recent issues in the construction industry and the progress being made.

The first issue that he underlines in his article is the development of the offsite construction. Andrew stresses the importance of this sector and believes that, over time, the industry’s physical and technological advancements will attract the younger generations who are so desperately needed to contribute the construction work force. With new elements of virtual reality and digital systems, offsite construction could speed up the building process, enhance the quality of work, and improve the health and safety of the workers. Most importantly, Andrew continues, is to expand on the image of UK construction sites, eschewing from the typical wet and windy building sites and guiding them to an alternative form of construction.

The second issue listed by Andrew Carpenter is the sustainability of building. Over the past few years, the political stress around environmental issues within construction has seen a significant decrease as a result of the introduction of the fade-out of the Zero Carbon Hub. While there are methods in place to target this area, Carpenter believes that there should be a better focus on the affects that construction has on the environment and states that the industry should reach a point, when the entire sector must consider the sustainability of the materials and machinery in use.

Andrew says that, “It is our responsibility to ensure we adopt a position whereby the UK construction sector is considering our build methods and material choices with care and attention.”

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The third issue is the overall image of the industry. The construction sector is considered as one of the most outdated within the UK, with the worst current pay gap and the lack of diversity on and off site is disrupting an opportunity for equality. The industry’s need to attract young people, women, LGBTQ and ethnic minorities is more important now than ever before. Andrew is pleased with the substantial efforts to achieve this and is hopeful for the years ahead.

He continues, “I’m delighted to say that through my involvement with the CLC, Constructing Excellence, Build UK and many others I’m witnessing a substantial and unified attempt to change this. For the first time I can remember we appear to have all our construction ‘ducks in a row’ with all relevant stakeholders and industry bodies ‘singing from the same hymn sheet”.

While these issues are currently being assessed, Andrew Carpenter in convinced that more attention should be drawn to the situation and that action should be taken immediately. The construction industry continues to grow, and it is crucial for the workers to keep up with it.

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