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Johnson Tiles Display Stunning Installation at Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

The recently completed Clerkenwell Design Week was a huge success that recorded a best ever attendance of over 32,000 visitors.

This year was the 5th running of the annual event that brings together design brands from over 20 countries to exhibit their latest products, ideas and designs. The event attracted creative industry leaders and interestingly it has been reported that over 50% of attendees were architects and designers.

The show featured the latest furniture, lighting, product design and interior design trends, new design projects plus street installations that were commissioned specifically for Clerkenwell Design Week and were placed around the streets nearby. The installations were intended to provoke and challenge perception of design and provide inspiration.

One exhibitor at the event was Johnson Tiles who unveiled a spectacular 3D mirrored installation at the main entrance. The renowned British manufacturing and design company handcrafted the installation that utilized over 6,000 tiles in house, with each tile manufactured in their own factory.

By cleverly positioning the hundreds of rows of tiles at different protruding angles from the wall with strategically placed mirrors behind them, the installation became an evolving and interactive piece that delivered a wonderful mixture of visual effects, reflections and changing colours as it interacted with the nearby buildings and people walking by.

The ingenious selection of tile colours provided visitors with a different feel depending on where they were positioned in relation to the installation, from one angle a mixture of matt and gloss white tiles delivered a relaxing neutral effect, with other delivering blue, green and yellow hues.

The concept which was entitled 'Verve' was created n the mind and sketchbook of Darren Clanford, the Creative Director at Johnson Tiles. Speaking on the company's website he said that the idea had come from a set of dominoes, that when positioned in a line can create and interesting effect on colour and space. From this inspiration he took things a step further and thought about how a similar structure of could play with the relationship between space, colour and the local environment.

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Mr Clanford said: “The fact that the mirrors reflect the light and colour of the bright Prismatics onto the white tiles, creates an intriguing and interactive display. However, the concept of the design also spans its interaction with the environment – the mirrors reflecting the industrialism of the parallel building and the reflection of the onlookers themselves and relying on natural light for its effect.

The installation is created by its surroundings and takes on a different appearance dependent on light and where the viewer is standing. It’s these factors that make Verve a truly individual experience.”

Johnson Tiles were also an exhibitor at the event, displaying their range of products and new prototypes such as Baker Street a slim and modern tile and Antique a tile that mimics the natural beauty found in wood.


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