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Knowledge sharing – CRL becomes accredited with CPD

We are delighted to announce that CRL has now been approved by the CPD Certification Service as an accredited CPD provider.

As a result, we will be developing a series of workshops and training sessions for the construction industry. All courses will meet CPD independent review standards and will be validated and accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

CPD explained

Each year millions of employees undertake CPD training. For any organisation, demonstrating a conscientious ethic in the development of skills and knowledge for their employees and customers is favoured in attaining good company culture and relationship with future and existing clients.

Following the second World War when there was a need for more structured learning and in today’s professional environment where technological advancements are continuing to progress, a more disciplined approach to further learning is necessary.

Continuous professional development looks after an organisation and its employees’ current skills and provides the opportunity for these to be developed in a professional context.

For most professions, CPD training is available and a number of organisations today are recognising its importance as part of a company’s culture. For employees, CPD provides a structured path to their personal development in their current role and will assist their future career progression. This can also help increase confidence when performing daily tasks.

CPD allows employees to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their organisation as well as identify any knowledge gaps as part of their personal learning. Professional development schemes, like CPD, will also help prepare all staff members to react effectively and quickly if any changes at work or in the industry they work in take place.

Providing your employees with these opportunities to enhance their personal skill-set will contribute to overall employee satisfaction and help retain valuable staff.

CPD Certification Service

Established in 1996, the CPD Certification Service is the leading CPD accreditation institution. As well as providing support and advice across a number of industry sectors, the CPD accreditation is globally recognised and provides a platform for accredited organisations to share their knowledge.

The CPD certified symbol, recognised by thousands, is a desired accreditation for any organisation that reflects professional development activities of the highest standard.

Having worked extensively with training providers and corporate organisations over the past 20 years, the CPD is able to provide worthwhile support for other organisations, like CRL, who would benefit from obtaining CPD accreditation.

Training courses, conferences, events and workshops are among the many schemes that are formally accredited by the CPD each year.


Why CRL sought accreditation:

Here at CRL, we have sought accreditation because we are keen to share our industry knowledge and expertise while developing a training series that will help our clients to also achieve CPD points.

Steve Mansour, CEO at CRL, said: “CRL is currently developing a training programme that is leading-edge and we were delighted to hear that our assessment by the CPD Certification Service has resulted in us being accredited.

“Gaining an accreditation from the CPD Certification Service will provide existing and prospective customers with a recognised quality assurance level that they often require internally.

“At the same time being accredited for CPD gives us the opportunity to provide added value for the members of the CRL Approved Network who will benefit from free and discounted training from CRL.”

We will also be able to provide CPD points, hours or merits, depending on the nature of their business and sector, for all those interested in building their professional qualifications and maintaining their CPD points.

Our CPD programme is set to launch in September and training programmes will be run from venues across the country.


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