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Liverpool city center development could be blocked by UNESCO

It has been announced that UNESCO is considering placing a two year ban on building work carried out at Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

The issue is due to be discussed at an international heritage meeting held in Istanbul over the next couple of days, with Liverpool currently on the 'at risk' register.

It is believed that UNESCO recommendations will include restricting work within the Heritage site and buffer zone to repair, reuse and maintenance of the existing buildings until 2018.

Documents have confirmed that part of the reason Liverpool has been placed on the at risk register is due to the contentious Liverpool Waters development that was given outline planning permission in 2012. The scale of the project seems to be the main issue with UNESCO claiming it would cause irreversible damage to the Outstanding Universal Value of the site.

Liverpool have been on the at risk list for the past 4 years and although UNESCO say there has been progress, comprehensive measures have not been taken to eliminate the threats to the Heritage site in the city.  UNESCO say they are particularly concerned about mid and high rise buildings within the Liverpool Waters project and various other construction developments at the World Heritage Site.


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Other concerns about a redevelopment at Liverpool Lime Street which lies within the Heritage site buffer zone have been made public by heritage campaign group SAVE,  however, a council spokesperson has confirmed that since the planning decision was announced last November, the World Heritage Committee had not received any concerns about the development.

The council also said that Liverpool Waters is a long-term scheme which will be completed over the next few decades. The council hopes it can address the concerns of UNESCO during the planning process.

The UK Government is seeking clarification regarding the proposed moratorium on development and will be making representations at the meeting in Istanbul.


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