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Luxury Prefab Homes Can Shake Off the ‘Cheap Housing’ Image

Traditionally, prefabricated (prefab) homes have been used to create low-cost housing options, but that concept may soon change.

Robbie Antonio, the Filipino real estate developer and entrepreneur, is using the original technology and expanding on it to build luxury -and affordable- prefab homes designed by famous architects. By making luxury prefab homes affordable, his company, Revolution, has become the first Filipino start-up to be valued at one billion dollars.

As prefabricated homes start to become a more popular option, those who have adopted the process of modular construction to build their luxury home are enjoying the benefits -and the reality that with prefabrication, anything is possible.

Luxury prefab homes can be completely unique from an architectural perspective, making them stand out visually. These high-end structures don’t cost as much as their elegant appearance would suggest. Thanks to production line efficiency and lack of construction-related delays, modular-built homes offer substantial cost savings, even for luxury projects.

Contrary to popular assumption, the property size does not affect its ability to be prefabricated. Luxury prefab homes with over eight bedrooms have been accomplished with spectacular results. In fact, constructing a luxury prefab home is said to be more advantageous for larger homes because the build time frame is considerably shorter than if the property was built on site via regular construction methods. Instead of waiting for months or even years, homeowners can move into a high-quality home in a matter of weeks without having to settle for ‘cheap’ housing.

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Revolution, Robbie Antonio’s company, consists of multiple limited edition, luxury prefabs, from residential properties to entire pavilions. Over 30 of the world’s most eminent designers, architects, and artists work in unison to create an exclusive succession of modular living spaces.

By utilising several cost-efficient production systems and cutting-edge technologies, Revolution is enjoying a reputation for making sophisticated design and architecture available to more homebuyers. Each property is built to order and transported to whatever location the buyer specifies, without traditional construction costs and delays.

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