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3% Decline in Planning Applications for Minor Housing Developments

According to the Construction Index, in June 2018 there were lower amounts of planning applications made for minor housing developments compared to June 2017.

The Ministry for Housing and Local Government released statistics showing a 2% decline in larger residential planning applications, 3% in minor housing developments, and 11% in commercial projects.

Planning system efficiency has also gone down, with fewer applications decided within the legally required 13-week period.

Minor housing developments are those with fewer than 10 homes, a total floor space of less than 1000 sq.m., or a site size of less than half a hectare.

Statistics also suggest that 42% of planning applications for minor housing developments and 75% of those for major projects are subject to performance agreements, environmental impact assessments, or time requests.

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HBA Chief Executive Richard Beresford said that he welcomed reforms to support more solid plan making, but the key objective continues to be reforming the planning process itself. While it remains inconsistent, risk-driven, and expensive, the market cannot be diversified and new players will not be encouraged to assist in the resolution of the housing crisis.

Authorities involved in district planning in England received 118,800 planning permission applications during April to June of this year, down 4% over the same time period last year.

In the year ending last June, they received 464,800 planning applications, down 3% on the year ending June 2017. They also reported 106,900 planning application decisions in April to June 2018, a 5% decrease over the amount reported in the same quarter of 2017.

In the year ending last June, authorities made decisions on 426,400 applications, down 3% on the number ending in June of last year.

Authorities approved  94,300 decisions during April to June 2018, down 4% over last year. 88% of all decisions were granted, which was the same as the June 2017 quarter. In general, they granted 83% of major and minor decisions. A total of 374,200 decisions were granted over the year to June 2018, down 3% from the year before.

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