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Modular builder Ilke Homes will open its first factory in Harrogate

Ilke Homes is preparing to open its first modular home factory in Harrogate in March.

The new operation will create 150 new jobs and is expected to deliver 2,000 homes a year. Jobs at the new 25,000 square metre factory at Flaxby Moor will initially consist of a 100-person manufacturing and supply chain team supported by engineers, designers, and related professionals. Plans are to grow the manufacturing team to 300 over the next 12 months. 

Business Secretary Greg Clark said that the new factory will use innovative and advanced off-site manufacturing to produce affordable modular housing, create jobs, and support the Industrial Strategy’s infrastructure and housing initiative. A total of £866m has been invested into local projects through the Housing Infrastructure Fund to start production of 200,000 homes.  


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Ilke Homes chief executive Björn Conway said that the company was pleased to be able to create local jobs that include a new type of manufacturing role. He explained that his company's culture was collaborative: the design engineering team would work with the manufacturing team to resolve challenges and and deliver a product that is both affordable and meets the needs of modern living. 

Mr. Conway added that ilke Homes was passionate about having a diverse team and would ensure that working arrangements would be flexible to maintain a good work-life balance for employees. 

HR manager Helen Charlesworth said that ilke Homes was accepting applications from a wide range of career histories. She confirmed that only 30% of applicants had a property background. The diversity of roles enabled people to try a new career and gain new skills and experience. The company hopes to expand the team to 800 employees over the next two to three years. 

Ilke Homes, which operates at scale to deliver attractive affordable homes, began trading independently in October and continues to look for applicants to join its creative and forward-thinking workforce. The recruitment team is also working with Women in Engineering and similar organisations to offer opportunities to underrepresented groups within target sectors. 

The new team will use leading-edge precision manufacturing processes to create quality modular homes and transport them from the Harrogate manufacturing base to sites across the country. 

Working in partnership with developers, registered providers, and housing associations, ilke Homes will deliver needed housing in approximately half the time required by traditional construction methods. Properties will have over 100 possible layout variations, from two-storey terraced homes to entire blocks of four-storey flats. The homes can be mortgaged and are tenure blind, making them suitable for both private market and housing association requirements for different rent or sale conditions. 

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