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New Modular Housing Prototype Revealed by Legal & General

Legal & General (L&G) has unveiled its first turn-key modular housing prototype as the company continues its efforts to help combat the housing shortage in the UK.

The modular housing prototype which is situated outside the 550,000 square foot L&G factory near Leeds, is a two-storey, two bedroom property.  The company is presently exploring several different designs, and hopes to deliver its first such residences in the first half of 2018.

The Leeds site, which has eight production lines, has the capacity to produce literally thousands of new properties per year, offering employment to hundreds of local people.

In terms of quickness and efficiency, modular building is superior to traditional housebuilding, as it can deliver homes of a consistently high quality in a matter of weeks instead of years. Precision-engineered homes are created in a factory environment, ensuring accurate build, in controlled conditions and using state-of-the-art materials and methods.

The manufacturing process is energy-efficient and will be carried out by trained and qualified workforce. Using cross-laminated timber, or CLT for short, delivers additional environmental benefits by storing a tonne of Co2 in every cubic metre of CLT used to construct each home. Consequently, each property represents a sustainable and economically viable solution to deliver the capacity that the industry needs.


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L&G Modular CEO Rosie Toogood stated that the recent unveiling marks an important and exciting step in the company’s mission of bringing modular homes made from CLT to the market. The prototype demonstrates the superior quality of modular properties, dispelling many of the myths associated with modular housing. At full production, these homes will be consistently produced in a matter of weeks without the potential issues experienced by traditional methods.

Ms Toogood said that L&G has a long history of providing housing throughout the country, and sees modular construction as a natural extension and evolution of its market position. She predicted that it would change the face of the housebuilding sector, bringing new materials along with processes and methods used in car-making and other industries, to increase productivity and address the country’s chronic shortage of new homes.

Prior to work on the modular housing prototype L&G has been involved in the UK housing industry for nearly 20 years. It delivered, through its position with CALA homes, a 1,000 property scheme in Crowthorne, and invested in a new Build to Rent institutional product. On a broader scale, L&G is a major investor in social housing, student accommodation, and related arrangements, and it intends to use mixed-use regeneration schemes to restore housing to UK cities.

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