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Mott Macdonald Partners with UK Infrastructure Programme

In collaboration with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mott Macdonald will be able to boost economic development and sustainable growth across the globe as the firm is welcomed into the partnership sector for the UK's Global Infrastructure program.

The Cross-government Prosperity Fund (PF) is one of the key components of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) strategy. The fund is in place to remove the barriers that are slowing down economic growth and to promote the sustainable development that is needed to reduce the poverty levels in partnering countries.

As a further step for economic growth and the promotion of sustainable development, focusing on the middle-income countries that are home to 59% of the poor population in areas that are predicted to see 60% of the global growth by 2030.

Involved in the creation, Global Infrastructure Program (GIP) plans to support and encourage the sustainable economic growth as there is a significant connection between infrastructure and economic performance.

The GIP guides partner countries and eases the transition as they adapt to the UK’s leading infrastructure methodologies for (5 Case) business case development, Project Initiation Routemap and digital construction.

In action of following these plans through, Mott Macdonald, the international engineering consultancy has been positioned as the Delivery Partner for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FOC) Building Information Modelling (BIM) Pathfinder Program. Mott Macdonald has been appointed to aid the Global Infrastructure Program.

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Over the course of the upcoming three years, the team at Mott Macdonald aims to provide BIM technical expertise across Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam and in capacity-build countries such as Mexico and Brazil.

The Head of International for CDBB, Adam Matthews, stated, “CDBB is delighted to be working with Mott MacDonald as our consultant to support the ambitious goal of the Prosperity Global Infrastructure Programme. It will to deliver prosperity benefits to our partner countries, improving infrastructure delivery by introducing digital technology (Building Information Modelling) and at the same time opening new commercial opportunities for UK and international businesses.”

Lead Programme Manager for Mott Macdonald, Andrew Moulds, commented, “We are proud to have been appointed the delivery partner to this prestigious programme, and we look forward to working with the FCO and CDBB.”

To continue, Peter Turner is the Head of Prosperity Fund Global Infrastructure Programme Team at the Foreign Commonwealth Office added, “I’m delighted that we will be working with Mott Macdonald on the programme, using their BIM capabilities to enhance delivery of our objectives.”

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