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Behind the Scenes Look at New Apple Campus Building

An in-depth look into the new Apple campus building was recently released.

The sneak peek offers glimpses into the original design of the ‘Ring’ building, close-ups of the campus layout and interiors, and even some personal insights into the connection of former CEO Steve Jobs to Apple Campus 2.

Current CEO Tim Cook is referring to the campus as the company’s biggest project to date.

Jobs originally conceived the new Apple campus building in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2009, when architect Norman Foster was hired, that the plan was put in motion. Its shape was determined according to function, and in this instance the workplace was envisioned as one with modular sections, or pods, that allowed people to freely collaborate and communicate.

Apple Park took firmer shape in June 2010 as the Spaceship building, or ‘Ring’, that currently stands. When Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs in 2011, he carried on the vision of his friend and former CEO by gathering the building materials necessary to support the design and tackling any problems that occurred during the construction phase.

One roadblock that had to be overcome were the canopies that now appear on the building- Jobs was against them, but they were necessary to protect the glass building from the sun’s intense rays. Foster + Partners architects worked closely with Apple’s own design team to overcome other functional and aesthetic challenges, such as finding the right colour for the canopies and ensuring that they were of the right shape to divert rain.

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The Ring’s cafe has a giant four-storey sliding glass door. When journalists inquired about its purpose, wondering why the cafe needed a four-storey door, Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive replied, “It depends how you define need, doesn’t it?”

The team of architects and designers currently working on the campus believe that the final outcome represents the vision that Steve Jobs originally conceived so many years ago. Norman Foster said that in his opinion, the big picture had not changed at all, and that if Jobs could reappear, the campus would look exactly as it had when he first viewed its drawings. Foster conceded that some of the details were not taken into consideration during his lifetime, but he was sure Jobs would approve of them.

The press coverage of the new Apple campus building layout and functions make for interesting reading, as it explores practically every aspect of the campus’s construction and development, from the text fonts in public signage to ventilation methods and staircase design.

Jonathan Ive recently confirmed that Apple Park is now the company’s home, and everything made by Apple in the future will have its genesis there.

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