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Myth of ‘Rabbit Hutch’ Homes Busted by New Data

Critics have been decrying new build home sizes as akin to rabbit hutches for years, but an analysis of the Energy Performance Certificates of homes throughout England and Wales appears to be exposing this claim as a myth.

There have been mass warnings that a new wave of ‘rabbit hutches’ is in the making, resulting in small homes and tiny flats that are approximately the size of an average bedroom but supposedly big enough for two people to call home.

In truth, analysis of statistical data reveals that the typical new build home size in terms of floor space is 94 square metres, where the average of all domestic properties are currently at 91 square metres. This demonstrates that, in addition to new residential properties actually being larger than the current mean size, they are almost 25% larger than the frequently referenced figure of 76 metres, which originated over 20 years ago, in 1996.

Nicola Barclay, Chief Executive of Homes for Scotland, a renowned trade body, said that these official numbers are only applicable to new build home sizes in England and Wales, as the same data has not yet been made available in Scotland, but they will hopefully serve to correct prevailing myths about new homes and recalibrate all discussions on the subject.


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Ms Barclay found it of special importance that the statistics also spotlight the energy efficient qualities of new properties, revealing the substantial savings of more than 50% that could result in both estimated energy costs and usage.

She pointed out that with new homes built to accommodate today’s lifestyle requirements and in general being much less expensive to run compared to older homes, people must now direct their attention to ways that we can work together to make more homes available across Scotland to accommodate the housing needs of an increasing population.

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