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New Build Insurance from CRL

When you are looking for new build insurance to cover the structural parts of a new building it is important to work with a trustworthy and reputable company, such as CRL.

Our new build insurance policy covers elements such as load bearing foundations and footings, roof joints and trusses, load bearing walls and partitions, lintels, load bearing floors and staircases, the water envelope and the roof covering.

Our policy starts from the day the property is completed and will cover you for ten years from that date. In the event of a structural fault that causes damage to your new home or makes it unsafe to inhabit, the policy will cover the cost to rebuild or repair any damage caused by structural issues caused by the design, build or materials used in the project.

Our expertise covers the full range of new building projects, including renovations, extensions, complete new build properties, prefab or kit homes, social housing developments, and mixed use or commercial developments.

How our New Build Insurance works

In order to issue you with a completion certificate and ensure your home is built to our high standards, our surveyors carry out 3 site inspections during the build.

  1. Initial inspection - At foundation and substructure stage
  2. Interim Inspection - At superstructure, roof and pre-plasterboard stage
  3. Final Inspection - At the properties completion

Buyers will be required by law to have new build insurance in place before a mortgage lender in the UK will release the funds for them to purchase a new home. CRL are on the approved suppliers list for over 90% of mortgages currently on offer in the UK, and as a reputable insurer having your policy with us gives you a good sales tool when marketing the new build property.

For more information about our New Build Insurance or to chat to our friendly team about your building project please get in touch.

Latest New Build News: Brick works site could provide 43 new homes

With the current demand for new homes in the UK any sources of land with potential for residential development are being considered by developers and local authorities. Now proposals have been submitted to convert a former brick works quarry on the edge of Aldeburgh in Suffolk to a residential site offering up to 43 new homes.

The plans are currently under review by Suffolk Coastal and if they are given the go ahead, the Aldeburgh development would be one of the first major projects to use the new Community Infrastructure Levy.

The new policy means local authorities can charge the levy to developers undertaking projects in their area, with the fees generated contributing funds towards the infrastructure of an area, including schools, roads, flood defences, parks and green spaces or leisure centres.

Structural Defects Insurance

The Aldeburgh development could generate £750,000, with more than £100,000 going to Aldeburgh Town Council for local projects.

The developers for the project have stated that there is a general positive outlook from the community on the project with no overwhelming objections. The plans include the demolition of the existing stores at the site plus a change of use of a builder’s yard, which has been out of use for over two years.

The site will provide 43 homes when completed including two 6 bed properties, seven 3 bed homes 16 four bedroom homes, with the remainder made up of affordable housing including maisonettes.


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