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New Homes Development in Bath Will Cost Up to £2.5m

For many people, the dream of owning a new, modern and maintenance-free home is just that -a dream. 

They imagine ditching the ageing old family home, with its draughty windows, creaking floorboards, and noisy pipes and stepping into a pristine new home with amenities like under floor heating and even matching sinks. 

That dream could very well become reality for some as the first flats and houses at the Hope House development in Lansdown are now available for purchase, although prices are high.  

Hope House will have the amenities you would expect from an exclusive development -  private woodland, manicured gardens, tennis courts, and a full-time concierge to accept deliveries, allow tradesmen in, and in general keep an eye on things.  

The 58-acre new homes development, which will be completed in stages over the next 18 months, has different styles and price ranges for the apartments and homes. One bedroom apartments are going for £340,000, two bedrooms are available for £435,000, and for homes with two bedrooms and a view, the price starts at £850,000.  

For those looking to buy a house, property prices in the upscale development just below Lansdown Crescent range between £1.5 -£2.5m. Prospective buyers are now being invited into the Savills office in nearby George Street to look at the plans. 

When it came to planning, the new homes development caused controversy among heritage campaigners and residents alike, which motivated the developer, Acorn, to reduce the number of properties built on the site. 

A Savills spokeswoman said that the development is an extremely exciting. Each home is constructed to the highest, modern spec, with modern and contemporary materials and designs. She confirmed that there was a lot of interest. The spokeswoman said that Savills was going to be inviting people into its offices to see the full plan and even touch the materials being used, such as tiles and carpeting. There is no ‘show home’ as such, but the plans are detailed and visitors get a good feel for the development. 

While two of the garden homes at the bottom of Hope House have already been sold, two more remain for sale and will be ready to move into in January. Other homes and flats, including some large and spacious four bedroom apartments in a former school house, will be complete in another year or 18 months, but reservations are being taken. 

The spokeswoman said that due to high interest in the new homes development, Savills decided to release the properties for reserve. People of all ages and backgrounds have expressed interest, from young people working in the city, older homeowners wanting to downsize, and people currently living overseas who want to live in Bath when they return. 


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