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Rural Housing Shortage Solvable With 10 New Homes in Every Village

A new report is suggesting that adding up to 10 new rural homes in every UK village over the next five years can both provide badly-needed housing for communities and help solve the ongoing housing crisis.

Although the concept of new construction in rural areas arouses a lot of controversy, the communities concede that there is a serious shortage of affordable housing for local residents.

Aston Mead Land and Planning, land brokers, have released a report suggesting that over 300,000 new homes could be made available if every village received planning permission for between five and 10 new properties.

The firm asserts that this strategy would provide homes where they are needed and, by involving locals in the decision-making process, deliver tangible benefits to communities all over the UK.

Aston Mead Land & Planning representative Adam Hesse said that villagers could decide where the new homes are built, as well as their size, cost, and other important factors. This approach would help ensure that smaller communities remain vibrant thanks to incoming new families with children attending area schools. He added that it could even prevent shops or pubs being closed due to a low customer count, and protect the local infrastructure from unsustainable levels of demand.


Mr Hesse pointed out that with over 30,000 villages in Britain, an extra 10 new rural homes per community adds up to 300,000 new properties. This would be in addition to the 14 proposed garden villages that the Government has confirmed will create 48,000 new residences.

He explained that people residing in villages are understandably concerned about large-scale changes to their surroundings, which in turn affect their way of life. This worry frequently results in accusations of ‘nimbyism’ when in reality they have a legitimate worry about the character of their village being changed forever.

Mr Hesse believed that the best strategy would be for small and medium-sized builders to confer with the local people in each rural community and build up to 10 homes, of an acceptable style and appearance, designed to meet the village's requirements. Sales of these properties could even be restricted to local residents only.

He also explained that most villages in the UK have land parcels within the local plan area that would be suitable for new rural homes projects like these. He said that people frequently don’t realise the construction possibilities of local sites, which could be an unused field, former petrol station site, or some other abandoned location.

In some cases, he explained, building homes would have a positive and enhancing effect on the surroundings and increase both the desirability and vibrancy of the area.

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